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In our case, the adventure's now grown into 3 main streams: Frankie the Caravan, the Country Heart Café and The Farm.

I actually started off really wanting to convert one of the old Melbourne Tramway buses (pictured here) on the farm into a café, as it’d be quite iconic out in the Yarra Valley with all of their antique character.

It seemed quite a huge task, so went for a smaller option first.

Enter: Frankie the Caravan

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After Pinterest-surfing for a while, we had a thought that converting an old caravan into a funky little travelling drinks bar would be a bit more achievable in the short term.

After loads of hard work and craftsmanship from a team of dedicated friends, Frankie was born.

Around the same time, just after we ran our first SproutFest on the farm, people had mentioned to us that we should rent out the amazing spaces on The Farm, so I started on that journey too. We now have the 2 main areas: The Paddocks with rolling meadows and cows to match, and The Hangar which could house pretty much any event you could think of!

My main focus wasn’t necessarily looking to convert a shop front space into a humble little café… that was until we stumbled across one for sale in Mooroolbark and the location grabbed me - being right across from the train station!

So we thought the Country Heart Café would be a great way to bring the farm and country vibes into suburbia; and also a way to bring produce down from the farm when it’s in season… delivering a delicious fresh and seasonal menu.

All the interior design inspiration for the café comes from the farm and country scenery, with its many wood textures and leafy tones.


No matter what happened, the plan was always to connect everything back to the farm and the family legacy that it represents.


So, who knows… maybe one day those old Melbourne Tramway buses will be a café.
Just have to wait and see where it all leads!

Love, Narelle


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